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Whitewater Rafting Package Includes:
Whitewater rafting trip down the New River on Saturday, Plus: Camping, Food tent, Hijinx Beer tent, community bonfire, swimming pool, volleyball, disc golf, hot tub, lodge, themed events, and other yet to be determined surprises.

What is included in the non rafting package?
Everything listed in the whitewater rafting package, except the actual rafting trip down the New River.

What other options are there if I choose not to raft?
Zip line, horseback riding, paintball, ATV tours, spa / massage packages, rock climbing, hiking, bridge tours, and more.
All of these options are available separately through River Expeditions

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Waynestock is a private event held on the grounds West Virginia’s premiere outfitter, River Expeditions.  

An adventure trip with a hippie twist!